Hair tips

Before i share these hair growth/length retention tips,it is very important you know that hair grows differently from person to person.The rate at which it grows is highly dependant on our  genetics.But  there are few things you can do to help your hair grow faster namely;
-drink lots of water.
-eat healthy.
Once that hair is on the outside,it is really vital you take good care of it so that you can retain length.Below are my top ten tips to help you with this;
1.deep condition,deep condition,deep condition preferably weekly.
2.deep condition with can simply use body heat or use a heating cap,steamer or hair dryer if you have one.
3.massage scalp with good quality natural oil.This will help increase blood circulation to the scalp thereby aiding in hair growth. with hair in sections.dealing with hair in sections will ensure all areas of hair are given equal attention and will also help prevent tangles.
5.dust those ends whenever you notice split ends and single strand knots before they become a big problem.
6.sleep on a satin pillowcase or use a satin head wrap.
7.protective style.protective styling does not only mean braids and weaves etc.It can also mean simple stuff like buns,puffs,two strand twists,headwraps,wigs etc.
8.pamper your ends when deep conditioning or doing hair treatments,put more products on  your ends as they are the oldest parts of your hair and therefore they need more attention.
9.praying hands.use praying hands motion when applying products to hair as this helps even distribution of product and also helps remove shed hair.most of all,you will be working towards the direction your hair cuticles are laying.
10.say yes to cotton T.shirt and no to towels when removing excess water from hair.This is simply because the grooves on towels are rough and can lead to damage of hair.
11.Use heat sparingly.this mean blowing,flat ironing and things like that.
12.last and most importantly...water is your hair's bestfriend curlfriend.water is the ultimate moisturiser therefore all your products should have water as the first ingredients or atleast it should be one of the top 5 ingredients.

Hope this was helpful.
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stay blessed.