NATURAL HAIR FEATURE~mwaka sipangule

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hi,my name is mwaka sipangule.I live in lusaka and am currently in my second year of medical school.Medicine has always been my dream career but my true passion lies in art.I love to draw and paint portraits of strangers in my spare time.if i'm not doing that i'm probably reading a fantasy novel.

How would you describe your hair?
Bipolar lol.I have a mixture of textures,the back of my head is 3c silky loose curls,the front 4a tight coils and the rest is very kinky!but i love every inch of hair on my head.

Why did you go natural?
I've always loved my natural hair and only relaxed it because i was curious to see how long it would be.I returned to natural 3 years ago because i realised that i didt like my hair relaxed,it looked too flat and lifeless.For about a year before i big chopped,i wore it in bantu knot outs and curled it with flexirods.I was stretching relaxer and only retouching every 4 months.When it was time to buy a new relaxer,i decided to save my money and took a pair of scissors and chopped off my relaxed hair.Honestly it was one of the best decisions i've ever made.

What is your washday routine and how often do you do it?
I try to deep condition/co-wash/detangle every 4days with whatever conditioner i have at hand.I try to stick to the ones that promise to moisturize and repair dry damaged hair such as aquarium conditioner by revlon.I always part my hair in sections to ensure even distribution of product.Then i cover my hair with a shower cap and deep condition for as long as possible before detangling in sections.Next i wash in sections and immediately twist it to prevent shrinkage.once my hair has air dried,i apply either olive oil or coconut oil followed by shea butter.I then twist it into smaller sections in preparation for a twistout.Once a month i wash my hair with dudu ossun soap to remove product buildup

What are your staple products?
My hair loves simplicity so my holy grail is any moisturizing conditioner,coconut oil and shea butter.

What are your favourite hair styles?
Definitely updos.they are so graceful and give instant elegance.second best is a comb out afro,that always turns heads.Buns are my go to lazy student hairstyle.

What do you love about your hair?
My favourite thing about my hair is that its my own.I grew it and it is very versatile.Also,sometimes its as soft as a cloud and fun to play with lol.
What are your favourite protective styles?
Mini twists.they are easy to maintain,style and moisturize.I also sometimes wear a wig over them to further protect my hair from the sun and cold.

Any hair tips that have helped you during your journey?
The best tip i ever got is to focus on health over length.This helped me have realistic expectations of my hair and while doing this,my hair has grown too.Also not focusing on length allowed me to trim my hair when necessary to prevent damaged ends.
Where can people find you on social media?
Find me on instalgram @stillmwaka_ and facebook @mwaka sipangule.

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