Updated WashDay Routine

Saturday, April 29, 2017

This post has been long overdue.So for all of you who have been asking me what my washdays look like nowadays,here goes.I currently wash my hair every two to three weeks as opposed to previously when i washed on a weekly basis.This is because i hardly have time nowadays.
 Whenever i can,i prepoo with either soyabean oil(vegetable cooking oil) or lily of the dessert aloe vera gel topped with castor oil.I cover hair with plastic and leave it on for about an 30 minutes to an hour.I proceed with detangling and proceed with the next step.
I just got some coconut oil and i think i will going back to prepooing with that.
Depending on how dirty my hair is,i will either wash with the liscious creamiliscious cleanser or co-wash with aussie moist 3 minutes deep conditioner or shampoo with the cantu shampoo or african black soap.

Note;I always wash my hair in sections.

Deep Condition
I always find myself reaching for the liscious deep conditioners.Guys these DCs(deep conditioner) are soooo good.there super moisturising.if am looking to do a thorough detangling session,i will reach for the butterlicious.For a deep conditioning session with a detox benefit i will use the chocolicious,and if my hair is feeling limp i always use the nourishlious which is a light protein DC.
I also recently started using the creme of nature strengthening milk masque and so far so good,it has really good slip and leaves my hair feeling soft.
I do a little more detangling when applying the deep conditioner and also when rinsing it off.I dry off excess water with an old Tshirt.

I always start this step by spritzing my hair with a mixture of aloe vera gel and rose water.Rose water helps stabilise hair's PH balance and can aid in repairing hair's damaged porosity.Aloe helps with prevention of dandruff,promotes hair growth,conditions hair and leaves hair all smooth and shiny.
I let the spritz do its job for afew minutes then apply the liscious leave in and seal in moisture with  my whipped shea butter mix or the butterlicious butter balm by liscious.

I oil scalp with castor oil.

Daily Routine
Bacause i have been wearing my hair out everyday since january,daily moisturising starts two days after washday.I spritz my hair with the aloe vera gel and rose water mix and apply grapeseed oil(i find butters too thick for daily use).Midweek i oil my scalp with castor oil,
I still do clay washes once in a while when i can.
Hopefully this answers most of the questions you guys have been asking me.
what does your wash day look like?any similarities?comment below.

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