my top 5 oils

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

So a few weeks ago i promised you guys via facebook that i would do a blog post on whats in my oil bottle and the benefits,well here it is.

1.coconut oil

Of all the oils known to man lol,this is my absolute favourite oil because; has a lot of uses and benefits.
2.its cheap(k45 for a 500ml bottle)
3.its readily available so i do not have to search high and low to get myself a bottle.I go though one  and a half bottles of coconut oil per year.
I use coconut oil for pre-pooing,hot oil treatments,deep conditioning and scalping.
-Its one of the few oils that actually penetrate the hair strand.
-it stimulates hair growth.
-softens hair,adds shine and luster.
-prevents splits ends and breakage.
-fights against scalp conditions like dandruff.
-it prevents hair loss.
-conditions hair

2.extra virgin olive oil(EVOO)

This is my second favorite oil.its equally readily available in most supermarkets countrywide and fairly cheap compared to other oils.I use this oil just as i use coconut oil.

-This oil also penetrates the hair strands.
-it conditions hair and scalp.
-seals in moisture and  provides shine.
-helps prevent split ends.
-softens hair,soothes scalp and prevents scalp dryness.

3.jamaican black castor oil(jbco)

The 3rd oil on my list is the jbco.This is quite expensive for me therefore am light handed when using it.I only use it in my whipped shea butter mix.i also add a little bit to my hair oil mix which i predominantly use for deep conditioning and scalping.I have recently started using it on its own around my edges as the full wigs have lighten my hairline.
-prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth.
-seals moisture into hair.
-reduces and prevents hair damages.
-helps condition and moisturise hair and scalp.
-it helps prevent fungal scalp infections because of its anti-fungal properties.
-promotes overall hair health.
I recently also started using ordinary castor oil.The only difference between the two castor oils is that jbco is roasted before been pressed and the ordinary one is not.The roasting explains the difference in colour and ph levels(jbco is dark and has a higher PH while ordinary castor oil is light and has a slightly lower PH).overall jbco has added benefits.

4.Teatree oil.

This is my 4th favourite oil.I love how a tiny bottle goes a long way.Not really a fun of the smell but it has awesome benefits.
-this essential oil has anti-fungal,anti-bacterial,anti-viral,anti-septic and anti inflammatory properties therefore it will prevent almost all scalp conditions e.g dandruff,psoriasis and even head lice.
-promotes hair growth.
-prevents dry,itchy scalp.
-prevents hair loss.

5.Grapeseed oil

This oil is fairly new in my regimen.I only started using it this year.its also a cheap oil.
-Its a great heat protectant(high smoking point of 400 to 450 degrees fahrenheit).If you like using direct heat on your hair get yourself a bottle of this oil.
-helps seal moisture into hair.
-helps alleviate dry scalp.

So there you have it,my top five oils.

What are your favourite oils?how do you use them?

Let me know by commenting below or via social media @myzambiancurls on both facebook and instalgram.
Stay blessed.

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  1. Where did you get the parachute coconut oil from as well as the castor oil ? Great products that my fave store stopped stalking

    1. hey!!got the parachute coconut oil from ghardis spice shop in cairo road.i got the jbco online and ordinary castor oil from zedhairequest blog

    2. hey!!got the parachute coconut oil from ghardis spice shop in cairo road.i got the jbco online and ordinary castor oil from zedhairequest blog