Perm Rod set

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Hey curlies!
A number of you asked how i got this hair style so here is a detailed description of how i did it.
Hope it helps.

Items Used
Lottabody style me texturising setting lotion
orange,purple and white perm rods
hair clumps
spray bottle(used this for spritzing setting lotion on hair)

I did this on freshly clarified,deep conditioned and moisturised hair.I put my hair in twist(medium size) and let it air dry to about 90% so as to cut down on drying time.I approximately had about 16 twists.oh i did the side part before installing the twists.

I unravelled each twist,parted hair in about 2 to 3 sections on each twist.
I picked a section of hair and spritz the length of my hair with the setting lotion and smoothed the lotion along the hair length.
I proceeded to curling the ends of my hair on the rod and slowly twirled the hair around the rod towards the scalp then closed the rod(does that make sense? lol).
I installed rods starting from the front towards the back.
Left them in for 24hours.
The Following day i removed rods and separated each curl once and fluffed using my fingers.
before separating curls
I preserved the curls by putting them in a pineapple and wearing a satin scarf  topped with a satin bonnet when going to bed.For those who don't know what to pineapple hair is,its basically gathering your hair on top of your head like you want to do a ponytail,then you take a satin scarf and wrap it around your pineappled hair.



Hope this was helpful.If you have any further question feel free to ask by commenting below.

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  1. been waiting for this post only managed to see it but i am so trying this out like yesterday hehehe.