Product Review:Asili Naturals Hair and Skin care line

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Hey curlies!!I know its been a looooong time since we spoke,please accept my heartfelt apology!life happened. For starters,am back in school(woot woot lol)and am still learning how to balance my life as a wife,working mother and a if any of you are/have been in the same boat,please kindly advice a sister.
 Anyway!!back to the main aim of this post. So last december i was sent samples of asili naturals products by sompwe whose the country director(Zambia) for the brand to try out the products.The line includes;rose water,first press castor oil,infused castor oil(with either peppermint oil or rose oil),hair and body butter and plain shea butter.
 I asked sompwe to give a brief history of Asili and here is what she had to say;
 "Asili is a brain child of a very good friend of mine jolly mokorosi whose based in South Africa.I would say shes the founder of Asili because she had the courage to actually start Asili while the rest of us were busy buying chemical ladened most women,jolly was tired of chemical heavy,expensive products that did't cater for kinky coily hair and she actually did something about it.I partnered with her a little later down the line".
 So here goes the review;

Rose Water Mist 100ml@K55
The rose water comes in a clear 100ml spritz bottle and is made from real rose flower petals.No other ingredient is added.
This was easily my favorite product in the line because finally i had found good quality rose water.I could tell it was good quality because of the intensity of the rose flower scent and the clear with no sediment appearance.I use this as a toner for my acne prone,blemished oily skin.Now i wont say it healed my skin,but it definitely helped hydrate my skin.
I predominantly used it on my hair after rinsing out the deep conditioner and it helped my hair absorb the leave in conditioner better and further softened my hair.I also used it in my daily spritz in place of water and the difference was noticeable.
It also helped calm my scalp when the itch came calling.all i did when scalp felt itchy was spritz,massage,oil scalp and i was good for days.

Hair and skin butter 125g @K95 and 250g@K165.
Ingredients coconut oil,shea butter,African beeswax,tea tree oil,lavender oil,rose oil,lemongrass oil.
This comes in a 125g and 250g plastic jars.Don't really know how i can describe the scent but it kinda smells lemony.On first glance,i noticed these little white particles in the butter which i was abit worried about but to my surprise disppear on contact(ask sompwe about the particles she said its because they don't add emulsifiers to the butter).This butter melts on touch of a finger and turns into oil which made it very easy to apply on skin.I applied it immediately after shower and it locked in moisture and left my skin moisturised all day.Did't really like the scent for a body butter but as a hair product the scent is perfect.Would appreciate a vanilla or cocoa scent for the skin.Tried removing makeup with this product and i was amazed,everything came right off.Apply sizeable amount on skin and wipe face with tissue or makeup wipes.just be careful not to get it in your eyes.
Hair and body butter melting off the back of my hand.

First press castor oil 150ml(plain @K50,peppermint infused@K60 and rose infused@K60).
This comes in 150ml dark bottles.The oil isnt any different from the Now Foods castor oil that i have used before but the scents are a bonus.If like me you not really a fun of the castor oil scent then you will appreciate this product.The benefits of the essentials oils are also amazing.My favorite is the peppermint one because it invigorates my scalp and aids in hair growth.keeps the dandruff away too.

Shea butter 125g@K70
In the few years that i have been a natural,i have used quite a number of shea butter brands and this one is right at the top with the best of works great as a sealant.

Overall i think this is an excellent all natural brand with good quality products.Despite being a little on the pricey side,the products are well worth the price.Asili gets my stamp of approval.

Jolly and sompwe would like to give an oppotunity to women out there who run salons or just want to earn an extra buck to join Team Asili as distributors.For further details,contact sompwe on +260968464720 for further details.

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